Take Advantage of Your Most Valuable Asset

Data is both a risk and, potentially, a tremendous asset. But as the regulatory environment becomes evermore complex just as you’re gathering evermore data, it’s hard for most financial organizations, no matter how large or how mature, to keep up. That’s where Xoriant CDi comes in, with a range of data governance & management services designed to help, whatever stage you’re in.

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When you need high-level strategy, an assessment of your current state and best practices for building or enhancing your data organization.

Big Data & Analytics

When you need a partner who can help you realize the power of data to generate actionable insights and to leverage those insights to enable better decision making.

Data Management

When you have an effective data governance framework in place and need help implementing and executing data stewardship, data quality and/or data remediation.

Data Governance

When you are just starting on the path toward data maturity and need help defining and building, or refining, your data governance framework.

Learn Why Xoriant CDi

One Provider

We provide the end-to-end data management & governance services and solutions necessary for an enterprise-wide data program.

Technology Led

We stay ahead of the tech curve, investing in the next-gen technologies that keep your data management & governance programs efficient and effective, and keep you competitive.

Expertise in Best Data Practices

We have 15+ years of experience reliably delivering for a Global 500 clientele. Our core senior team has been together for over 10 years, a rarity in today’s technology world.

  • “Xoriant CDi’s open platform and customizable workflows were ideal for our unique needs. Xoriant CDi created a Master Data Directory to centralize and standardize global reference and personnel data and to enable effective synchronization of financial information across key business applications.”
    Head of Basel Projects, Large U.S. Bank
  • “Xoriant CDi continues to be a true solutions provider to my firm. As a partner they never lose sight of critical data elements as the project rolls into steady state.”
    Chief Data Governance Officer, Financial Services Firm
  • “In the course of an intense due diligence and performance reporting process, Xoriant CDi provided accurate and insightful analysis on a quick turn-around while showing creativity and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges.”
    Lead Project Manager, Global Investment Bank

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Putting Data-as-a-Service Solutions into Action

Hear from industry experts on some of the use cases for Data-as-a-Service and what type of projects are best for Data-as-as-Service solutions. Plus, watch a demo of Data-as-a-Service in action.

LEI Data Integrity Made Easi(er) For MiFID II and Beyond

Learn what the “biggest regulatory shake-up in a decade” means for you, how your peers are preparing for MiFID II compliance, and how you can improve your LEI data integrity, lower cost and reduce risk.

CDi OnDemand Data-as-a-Service

Learn how Xoriant CDi OnDemand helps companies extend their data environment by providing Data-as-a-Service.

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Financial institutions trust us to deliver end-to-end: data management & governance services and solutions combined with big data, analytics and IT services.

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  • Looking for a high-level data strategy?
  • Need help building your data governance framework?
  • Concerned about compliance?

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  • Watch a demo of data-as-a-service into action
  • Learn how to ensure LEI data integrity
  • See how we built a Gold Copy counterparty database