Know Your Customer

Leverage CDi OnDemand to overcome KYC challenges such as lack of verified information for due diligence,
outdated and poorly profiled customer data, and delayed on-boarding of new customers.


Meet your KYC operations’ requirements using Reference Data Enrichment template that helps simplify and accelerate entity enrichment. Use CDi OnDemand to successfully engage with the client and proactively review and verify attributes for the enriched entities.


Instant access to required attributes for KYC Compliance Entities
High data attribute coverage
KYC Compliance as per geographic location
Access to audit sources for enhanced due diligence


Solution Guide

Xoriant LEI Data Quality Monthly Report

LEI Quality Monthly Report summarizes Xoriant CDi’s Data Quality assessment on LEI population for a month, this accuracy test is based on some pre-defined criteria with respect to Name & country etc.

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