Basel capital adequacy framework mandates, banks to assess risk in a standard format against all lending, investment, and trading activities. Basel requires the use of external risk ratings in riskweighted calculations, thereby creating the need for an efficient mapping of external ID to internal identifier ID with which to obtain said ratings from the rating repository

CDi OnDemand caters cumbersome task of cross-referencing from different feeds very efficiently. CDi OnDemand Data Cross-Referencing template matches multiple data sources to create clean and consistent formatted entity data file

How it Works

Select Data Cross-Referencing template
Set up the source or feed definitions
Upload the raw data file against each source
Map source fields to target fields
Configure validation, transformation and matching rules
CDi OnDemand cross-reference matching runs among the uploaded data sources
Cross-referenced result – Single view

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Value to you

Ensuring “Single View” for multiple feeds and sources

Easily works on data aggregation avoiding excessive use of Infrastructure & IT

Ensures data privacy and information security

Maps data consistently and provides a single view

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