Diversifying Your Data Management Operations

COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges to many financial services organizations. The very foundation of their smooth functioning has been hampered, including business continuity, while battling operational and compliance risks posed by the gaps in data management and data quality. In recent weeks we have seen organizations, including us, accelerate business continuation plans to enable remote working for employees and provide uninterrupted services to their customers and workforce.

Managing Operational Data Management Risks

Data operations need to ensure quality data to all the business units and monitor teams in achieving objectives as per defined SLAs, timelines, and, most importantly, handling the data volumes as expected. These unprecedented events demand mitigation of operational data management risks. Many of your peers are considering augmenting their data operations teams with experts with the following attributes:

Choosing the Right Partner

To reduce the data operational risks in these challenging times, we believe financial services organizations need a right partner who has thought through mitigating these business continuation risks and provide timely services. For over two decades, Xoriant is proud to have stabilized and enhanced the data management operations of several customers during this and other crises. We have all the attributes of a true data operations management partner and would be happy to partner with you during this crisis and beyond.

About Xoriant CDi

Xoriant CDi is a Data Management & Governance division of Xoriant Corporation. Since 2001, Xoriant CDi has been enhancing and implementing efficient data management programs for financial institutions to manage risk better and reduce the cost of compliance without compromising operational efficiency for its clients.
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LEI Quality Monthly Report summarizes Xoriant CDi’s Data Quality assessment on LEI population for a month, this accuracy test is based on some pre-defined criteria with respect to Name & country etc.

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