Operational Data Management and Cleansing
Accelerate your data cleansing efforts
In this data-driven business era, it more important than ever to keep the data clean. To do so, enterprises have established data operations teams. They are responsible for data cleansing efforts and making the data ready for consumption by other business units. However, data cleansing requires a combination of people, process and technology to solve the most common data clearing use cases.
Typical Use Cases
Amongst various use cases for data cleansing, below mentioned are the most critical ones that we have been able to address effectively for our clients.
Single View of Customer
Cross-reference entity data from various internal sources and industry vendor feeds (like Bloomberg, S&P, etc.) to create a single view of the customer
Building Hierarchy and Relationships
Build and enrich client hierarchy. Consume, cleanse and link other data domains like accounts, products, etc. Establish complex relationships across the data to provide a comprehensive view of the clients
Workflows and Dashboards
Provide a transparent view of data cleansing efforts, with controls and dashboards for detailed reporting
Business Benefits
There are multiple benefits in establishing a clean and robust data clearing house. Below are the top 3 benefits.
Maximize Cost Savings
Minimize penalties resulting from incorrect regulatory reporting
Lower Capital Reserves
Reduce exposure to potentially lowering the capital reserve requirements
Accelerate Business Growth
Accelerate growth by leveraging and consuming clean data within the organization
Choosing the Right Platform and Partner
The combination of the right technology, process and people can accelerate your data clearing activities and establish a state-of-the-art data clearing house. At Xoriant CDi, we live and breathe data cleansing since 2001. Providing value-add from day one, below are some differentiators that set us apart.
Processes and Workflows
Two decades of well-developed processes, workflows, data verification and ingestion guidelines enable us to quickly onboard new members in the team
Our People
An expert team of Data management Experts, Data Stewarts with experience servicing top tier financial clients
Our Technology
Xoriant CDi is an enterprise data management platform backed by our technology team along with highest standards of business continuation processes
Leverage AI/ML for Operational Efficiency
Xoriant CDi is an enterprise data management platform backed by our technology team along with highest standards of business continuation processes
About Xoriant CDi
Xoriant CDi is a Data Management & Governance division of Xoriant Corporation. Since 2001, Xoriant CDi has been enhancing and implementing efficient data management programs for financial institutions to better manage risk and reduce the cost of compliance without compromising operational efficiency for its clients.
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