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CDi OnDemand

Do You Have On-Demand Access to Your Data? Can Your Organization Execute Data Projects Within Days?
In today’s data-driven world, day-to-day short-term data project needs are inevitable. These project requirements tend to involve changes to even the most robust data architecture – modifying the existing logic, developing a new module or feature or integrating third-party data feeds, for example. As such, these projects are often quite resource intensive. And IT has a long queue of projects on the strategic roadmap. So these projects are often either overlooked or executed with suboptimal procedures, leading to a parallel production mess that has to be cleaned up in the future, and could even put the enterprise at risk.

That’s where Xoriant CDi OnDemand comes in. The data-as-a-service solution bundles Xoriant CDi’s technology, stewardship and data services, delivering a range of benefits. Your projects are executed optimally in days, not weeks. You can actually implement enterprise-wide use of common data assets, normalization rules and processing algorithms. Adoption and standardization of data and governance procedures is maximized. And the paradigm shifts from IT managed to IT enabled services.

 The Power of Data-as-a-Service

  • Enforce a single point of data governance
  • Enforce the highest degree of compliance with policies and procedures across the organization
  • Drive wider acceptance of your data program by building confidence in the quality of underlying data with a consistent means of data processing and extraction
  • Create transparency between data custodian, owners and consumers about data definitions and quality standards
  • Reduce cost of data ownership
  • More easily address data quality issues

On-Demand Project Templates
Having project templates makes it easier to enforce data governance consistently across all projects. With on-demand templates from CDi, business and data stewards are empowered with tools that otherwise wouldn’t be easily available.

Counterparty Data Enrichment Templates

  • Source counterparty data elements from CDi database
  • Stay up-to-date on project status with project management tools
  • Collaborate with your colleagues by using flexible workflows
  • Receive proactive updates as information change in real world

Data Cross-Referencing Templates

  • Upload data feeds from multiple data sources to arrive at gold copy database
  • Use intuitive user experience to resolve potential matches
  • Leverage your virtual team of data stewards and a responsive user experience to maximize coverage
  • Manage and visualize your gold copy database using model dashboard

Map Securities to Issuers Templates

  • Map underlying assets to their issuers and/or counterparties for risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Link assets to the right party and flag data quality exceptions

Entity Relationship Data Templates

  • Fully automated procedure for assessing data quality and augmenting company hierarch data using CDi version as the benchmark
  • Instantly download data quality report
  • Create multiple views from legal view with a variety of filters

CCAR FRY 14 Q - Data Refresh Templates

  • Compliance reference data package for corporate customer data for CCAR banks
  • Proactive monitoring of corporate customers and reporting of changes


  • Self-service model to create and manage your own gold copy database
  • Unlimited queries of CDi entity database
  • Customized operational workflows
  • Rapid data aggregation
  • Pre-defined project templates making it easy to implement data projects yourself
  • Elastic manpower – 24x5 access to CDi data stewards
  • No software installation
  • No resource onboarding
  • SSAE 16 Compliant


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