Solvency II

Ability to aggregate, link, and assess total exposure of a security to a given counterparty is a primary pillar of risk management. It is vital for an organization to track credit limits, monitor capital allocations, and calculate the collateral required in event of a default on an obligation or the insolvency of an issuer.

By using Instruments-Issuer mapping template instruments can be mapped instruments to their issuers and/or counterparties

How it Works

Select Instruments-Issuer Mapping template
Upload list of ISIN/CUSIP/SEDOL for which issuer or counterparty information is to be enriched
Select set of data attributes of the issuer
CDi OnDemand matching runs with uploaded dataset and CDi database.
The enriched file contains securities mapped to counterparties with all the selected data attributes.
Create a service ticket to map internally assigned security identifiers to their issuer/counterparty.

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Value to you

CDI database has extensive coverage of securities and their financial identifiers

CDI OnDemand compile’s a directory of data attributes stating attributes true source, characteristics and use

Comprehensive maintenance of data attributes can be achieved by refreshing CDI data periodically

Extent of data remediation effort to achieve compliance is associated with minimum cost and time frame

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