Single Counterparty Credit Limit

Single Counterparty Credit Limit

Xoriant CDi has an evolved hierarchy or beneficial ownership data, for more than a decade Xoriant has been researching and maintaining hierarchy data. We have a database of more than 14 million entities with over 80+ various attributes that directly or indirectly focus on control relationships and economic interdependence a few major sections of SCCL.

How it Works

Create project
Select template Enrich / Build Hierarchy
Client uploads entity list for which ownership information is required
Run OnDemand assistance
Enrich / Build Hierarchy file has ownership information
CDi OnDemand’s visual hierarchy browser gives an option to view, create and maintain meticulous graphical view and network view

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Value to You

Access to 25% or more control ownership.

Provide simplified economic relationship with other counterparties.

Manages comprehensive, complete and accurate counterparty & hierarchy’s data

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