MiFID II is designed to offer greater protection for investors and inject more transparency across asset classes

CDi OnDemand is a trusted solution and services provider to resolve MiFID II data challenges; by using Reference Data Enrichment template information like LEI or ISIN, which were complicated to maintain can easily be accessed with few clicks.

How it Works

Select Reference Data Enrichment template
Upload list of entity names and country information for which LEI, ISIN attributes are to be enriched
Client select set of data attributes as per need
CDi OnDemand matching runs with uploaded dataset and CDi database
The enriched file contains entities with respective LEI and ISIN

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Value to you

CDI database has comprehensive LEI coverage

CDI focuses on optimizing the quality, reliability of LEI data

CDI proactively works on data analysis and data quality assurance to avoid duplicity and invalid LEI

CDi continuously monitors M&A and name change of entities impacting LEI data to maintain data quality

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