Hierarchy Management

Hierarchy & relationship data is a must to estimate different types of market risks and default risk

CDi OnDemand solving problems of hierarchy management by offering access to its relationship data (legal and business) of 14 million records through Client Hierarchy templates Enrich, Build, and Compare

How it Works

Select Hierarchy template choose from options like (Enrich, Build or Compare)
Client uploads entity list for which hierarchy information is to be enriched
ETL matching runs with client’s data and CDi database
The enriched file contains entities with entire hierarchy data
CDi OnDemand’s visual hierarchy browser gives an option to view, create and maintain meticulous graphical view and network view

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Value to You

Manages comprehensive, complete and accurate counterparty & hierarchy’s data

Tracks corporate action associated with the entity and implements same to maintain accuracy in hierarchy

Manages both categories of hierarchy whether business hierarchy or legal hierarchy

Proactively manages data quality errors, such as duplicity in counterparty hierarchy, invalid values, etc

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