CDi OnDemand

Do You Have On-Demand Access to Your Data? Can Your Organization Execute Data Projects Within Days?

In today’s data-driven world, day-to-day short-term data project needs are inevitable. These project requirements tend to involve changes to even the most robust data architecture – modifying the existing logic, developing a new module or feature or integrating third-party data feeds, for example. As such, these projects are often quite resource intensive. And IT has a long queue of projects on the strategic roadmap. So these projects are often either overlooked or executed with suboptimal procedures, leading to a parallel production mess that has to be cleaned up in the future, and could even put the enterprise at risk.

That’s where Xoriant CDi OnDemand comes in. The data-as-a-service solution bundles Xoriant CDi’s technology, stewardship and data services, delivering a range of benefits. Your projects are executed optimally in days, not weeks. You can actually implement enterprise-wide use of common data assets, normalization rules and processing algorithms. Adoption and standardization of data and governance procedures is maximized. And the paradigm shifts from IT managed to IT enabled services.

Explore Our CDi OnDemand Project Templates

Counterparty Data Enrichment

Source counterparty data elements from the CDi database, leverage a virtual team of data stewards to maximize coverage, receive proactive updates and more.

Data Cross-Referencing

Leverage an intuitive user experience for cross-referencing source systems to arrive at a gold copy database.

Map Securities to Issuers

More easily map underlying assets to their issuers and/or counterparties with template support.

Entity Relationship Data

Meet your single counterparty credit limits requirement by sourcing company hierarchy data from the CDi hierarchy database.

CCFAR Fry 14 Q – Data Refresh

Put data quality assurance on cruise control by subscribing to a quarterly refresh of 14 Q customer reference data.

How it Works

Value to You

Enforce a single point of data governance

Enable compliance across the organization

Drive wider acceptance of the data program

Reduce cost of data ownership

  • “Xoriant CDi’s open platform and customizable workflows were ideal for our unique needs. Xoriant CDi created a Master Data Directory to centralize and standardize global reference and personnel data and to enable effective synchronization of financial information across key business applications.”
    Head of Basel Projects, Large U.S. Bank
  • “Xoriant CDi continues to be a true solutions provider to my firm. As a partner they never lose sight of critical data elements as the project rolls into steady state.”
    Chief Data Governance Officer, Financial Services Firm
  • “In the course of an intense due diligence and performance reporting process, Xoriant CDi provided accurate and insightful analysis on a quick turn-around while showing creativity and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges.”
    Lead Project Manager, Global Investment Bank

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