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XoriantCDi OnDemand

CDi OnDemand is a revolutionary delivery platform for your reference data projects. It automates the process of delivering data projects through pre-defined project templates that supports respective regulations. CDi OnDemand is backed by CDi’s up-to-date legal entity reference data that we maintain using industry best practices.

CDi OnDemand Value Proposition

How it Works

Start a Data project using pre-defined templates
Upload raw data
Xoriant CDi’s proprietary engine runs to get desired results
View or download results
Start workflows to take actions on discrepancies (CDi OnDemand also has data stewards who can be leveraged)

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Use Cases

XoriantCDi OnDemand’s pre-defined templates automate the process of delivering required data for various compliance needs within minutes. Few sample use cases that CDi OnDemand supports

KYC Reference Data Enrichment

Know Your Customer (KYC) norms have been established worldwide to ensure verification processes in order to reduce fraud, money laundering, and scams


MiFID II is designed to offer greater protection for investors and inject more transparency across asset classes

Solvency II

Ability to aggregate, link, and assess total exposure of a security to a given counterparty is a primary pillar of risk management. It is vital for an organization to track credit limits, monitor capital allocations, and calculate the collateral required in event of a default on an obligation or the insolvency of an issuer


Basel capital adequacy framework mandates, banks to assess risk in a standard format against all lending, investment, and trading activities.

Hierarchy Management

Hierarchy & relationship data is a must to estimate different types of market risks and default risk

Single Counterparty Credit Limit

Single Counterparty Credit Limit has many schedules required to submitted to Federal Reserve Board as FR2590 and schedule A-1 and A-2 majorly focuses on economic interdependence and control relationships.

CDi OnDemand Delivery Models


Access CDi OnDemand on cloud with an easy to use interface and ability to define workflows along with reaching out to our team of data stewards for assistance when you need them.


Integrate CDi OnDemand with your existing enterprise applications using our secure REST API. Use CDi’s proprietary matching, cross-referencing logic and integrate the experience within your apps.

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