AI Data Curation

Artificial Intelligence linked to derive a specific set of data from URLs, documents, scanned text images, emails etc. using the technique of natural language processing

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Retrieves information

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning techniques, Xoriant CDi has developed an API based framework for extracting and classifying information from unstructured to structured content


Automation of process flow using Natural Language Processing (NLP) libraries to reduce manual touch points and human intervention resulting in higher throughput


Xoriant CDi has applied certain algorithms and models to train the platform to curate accurate data elements using NLP. This further eliminates the need for human intervention as the platform becomes intelligent as it processes different data assets


The Data curation platform can be customized as per the requirements, including adding custom machine learning models and workflows

Value to You

Delivers more authentic
& accurate report

Saves time and speeds up
the process of data mining

Highly customizable

Reduces data extraction cost

Integrates easily with wide range of systems/software

  • “Xoriant CDi’s open platform and customizable workflows were ideal for our unique needs. Xoriant CDi created a Master Data Directory to centralize and standardize global reference and personnel data and to enable effective synchronization of financial information across key business applications.”
    Head of Basel Projects, Large U.S. Bank
  • “Xoriant CDi continues to be a true solutions provider to my firm. As a partner they never lose sight of critical data elements as the project rolls into steady state.”
    Chief Data Governance Officer, Financial Services Firm
  • “In the course of an intense due diligence and performance reporting process, Xoriant CDi provided accurate and insightful analysis on a quick turn-around while showing creativity and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges.”
    Lead Project Manager, Global Investment Bank

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