Data Governance

A Framework for Managing One of Your Most Precious – and Complex – Enterprise Assets (Your Data)

Whether you’re looking to support risk management and regulatory reporting, address mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, provide improved analytics to gain competitive advantage, or any number of the other common reasons financial institutions pursue data governance initiatives, Xoriant CDi has the experience and expertise to help.

If you are just starting on the path toward data maturity, our team can either be your data organization or augment your existing staff to help you define and build, or refine, your data governance framework. A data governance framework will enable you to deliver information that is useful, accurate, and timely. Xoriant CDi data governance services help you build that framework and leverage the financial benefits data brings to your organization and mitigate the business risk of poor data practices and quality.

Explore Our Data Governance Services

Policy Development

We can help you develop a data governance charter document and policy statement.

Standards Development

We can help you develop standards for data quality, issue management, metadata, reference data, etc.

Data Governance Council

We can help you establish an enterprise-wide Data Governance Council, including defining roles and responsibilities.

Value to You

Short time to implement

Improved data quality

Improved operational efficiency

  • “Xoriant CDi’s open platform and customizable workflows were ideal for our unique needs. Xoriant CDi created a Master Data Directory to centralize and standardize global reference and personnel data and to enable effective synchronization of financial information across key business applications.”
    Head of Basel Projects, Large U.S. Bank
  • “Xoriant CDi continues to be a true solutions provider to my firm. As a partner they never lose sight of critical data elements as the project rolls into steady state.”
    Chief Data Governance Officer, Financial Services Firm
  • “In the course of an intense due diligence and performance reporting process, Xoriant CDi provided accurate and insightful analysis on a quick turn-around while showing creativity and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges.”
    Lead Project Manager, Global Investment Bank

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Financial institutions trust us to deliver end-to-end: data management & governance services and solutions combined with big data, analytics and IT services.

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  • Looking to develop a data governance charter?
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