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Xoriant CDi LEI Quality Monthly Report

LEI Quality Monthly Report summarizes Xoriant CDi’s Data Quality assessment on LEI population for a month, this accuracy test is based on some pre-defined criteria with respect to Name & country etc.

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Xoriant CDi OnDemand: Whitepaper – LEI & Challenges

Learn how to enhance the ability of financial regulators to monitor and analyze threats like the financial stability of the companies.

Solution Guide

LEI Data Integrity Made Easi(er) For MiFID II and Beyond

Learn what the “biggest regulatory shake-up in a decade” means for you, how your peers are preparing for MiFID II compliance, and how you can improve your LEI data integrity, lower cost and reduce risk.


CDi OnDemand Data-as-a-Service

Learn how Xoriant CDi OnDemand helps companies extend their data environment by providing Data-as-a-Service.


Wealth Management QHub: A Turnkey Solution for All Reporting and Publishing Needs

Learn how to overcome challenges in gathering necessary data and information from investment managers.


Reference Data Optimization Solution

Learn how to ensure good reference data – a powerful asset and a source of opportunity – and mitigate the significant risks of bad reference data.

Case Study

Gold Copy Counterparty Database Case Study

Learn how we leveraged our Data Quality Remediation solution to build a Gold Copy database from authoritative source systems and deliver value to the client, a large global bank.


Entity Relationship Manager

Learn how to get detailed reports at-the-ready for mismatches, possible causes and suggestions – within seconds.

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