Data ManagementJuly 17, 2019

Cloud Data Management

Cloud data management is a better way to manage data over cloud platforms. Data stored in the cloud maintains data integrity and security by applying some norms to it.

Data QualityJuly 03, 2019

Why does one need clean, correct and quality data?

Data quality is a perception or an assessment of data’s fitness to serve its purpose in a given context. The quality of data is determined by factors such as accuracy, completeness, reliability, relevance and how up to date it is.

FrameworkJune 10, 2019

Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) is a complete suite of capital rules developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS).

ReferendumMay 28, 2019


It is a well-known fact and one of the most discussed topics universally,UK has decided to exit EU by 31st October 2019. 52% of Votes in favor of exit from EU.

FrameworkMay 01, 2019

Smart Way of Banking – Open Banking

Open Banking is a trending, brand new and secured way for consumers to indulge in their banking activities. It gives consumer more options to control of their money, financial information and transactions.

FrameworkApr 22, 2019

Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM)

To ensure and measure the capability of data, The Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) came as a helping tool. It is the industrial standard set by EDM Council to Frame the best practice for the Data management experts.

Regulatory RequirementApr 03, 2019

LIBOR Replacement by 2021

The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is an index that measures the interest rates at which banks borrow from one another. It based on daily submissions of estimated borrowing rates by a panel of leading global banks.

Regulatory RequirementMar 28, 2019

LOBO Loans

Lender Option Borrower Option as the name suggests in LOBO Loans the lender has the option to raise the fixed interest rate and borrower has the option to accept the new interest rate or to repay the loan.

Regulatory RequirementMar 05, 2019

Anti Money Laundering

Money laundering is the process by which the proceeds of crime and the true ownership of those proceeds are changed so it appears to come from a legitimate source.

Privacy PolicyFeb 15, 2019

Beware of your right to privacy

We are living in a digital era wherever everyone seems to be connected to everybody through internet. And technical giants are encashing this truth by victimization our personal data.

Regulatory RequirementsFeb 05, 2019

Banking Committee on Banking Supervision: Standard 239

One of the biggest reasons adjudged behind 2008 financial crises was Inadequacy of Information technology (IT) and Data Architectures. A vast majority of Banks lacked the ability to aggregate risk exposures and manages their risks appropriately.

Regulatory RequirementsJan 15, 2019

Data Acquisition: A key challenge for Quality and Reliability Improvement

Data Acquisition is as the process of acquiring, collecting, filtering and cleaning the data. Aim of processing data to have a gold copy of data set before it gets stored in data warehouse or any other storage solution.

BlockchainJan 04, 2019

Blockchain driving new ways of Reference Data

Since 2009 there has been a lot of news of cryptocurrency. From there the need of analyzing the use of technical coded language and reference data gets in demand which can change the market a ton.

InvestmentDec 18, 2018

Collective Investment Scheme (Pooled Investment)

A Collective Investment Scheme (CIS), as its name suggests, is an investment scheme wherein several individuals come together to pool their money for investing in a particular asset(s)

LEI global coverage and count across various countries

Regulatory RequirementsOct 16, 2018

LEI Global Distribution

LEI which is a 20 digit alphanumeric number which was introduced after Lehman brother collapse and humongous 2008 financial crisis its issuance is not taking a halt

Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR)

Regulatory RequirementsOct 10, 2018

Securities Financing Transactions Regulation

SFTR which is very similar to EMIR will be implemented in the coming year i.e. 2019.  What do we think will data management for SFTR be a big challenge?

Blog on Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO)

Regulatory RequirementsSept 25, 2018

Basic Understanding on FIBO

FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology) is joint effort by OMG (Object Management Group) and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council

Blog on single counterparty credit limits (SCCL) and its connection with reference data

Regulatory RequirementsJuly 30, 2018

SCCL and its Connection with Reference Data

Single counterparty credit limit Final Rule was finalized by Federal Reserve System for US

Blog on Competing Systems for Industry Classification

Regulatory RequirementsJuly 27, 2018

Competing Systems for Industry Classification

When you’re investing in securities, there can be a baffling range of sectors.

Understanding Corporate Actions and various risks associated with them like Operational risk, Reputational risk and Liquidity risk

Corporate ActionsJun 07, 2018

Understanding Corporate Actions

A corporate action is an event initiated by a public company that will bring an actual change to the securities

Regulatory RequirementsMay 31, 2018

MIFID II and Data Management Issues

Markets in financial instruments directive (MiFID) is a regulation that increases the transparency across the European Union’s financial markets

Chaos In Market Regarding Beneficial Ownership Information

Regulatory RequirementsMay 17, 2018

Chaos In Market Regarding Beneficial Ownership Information

There is tremendous difficulty in identifying or verifying beneficial ownership information primarily for regulated firms

LEIMay 03, 2018

Xoriant CDi LEI Data Coverage

Beyond regulatory use cases, slowly and steadily LEI data is becoming part of the list of essential data identifiers for harmonizing data sets and regulatory reporting

Regulatory RequirementsApr 26, 2018

Driving True Business Value Out of the Legal Entity Data

The Legal Entity Data is useful to eliminate counterparty risk but when maintained in line with regulatory requirements like MIFID, Solvency, FACTA etc

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