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Xoriant CDi OnDemand

Xoriant CDi has bundled data, technology and stewardship in a cloud-based solution –Xoriant CDi OnDemand. Xoriant CDi OnDemand helps companies extend their data environment by providing Data-as-a-Service.

Hierarchy Manager

Two Hierarchy trees can be contrasted and “sized up” just by clicking the compare button. Within seconds, detailed reports are at the ready for mismatches, possible causes and suggestions.


A turnkey solution for all reporting and publishing needs.

Reference Data Optimization Solution

Good reference data is a powerful asset and a source of opportunity. Bad reference data costs you money, undermines customer loyalty, and can leave you exposed to unforeseen risks. Xoriant CDi offers a fully integrated one stop solution to the growing challenge of effective, affordable, efficient reference data management.

Solution Guide

LEI DATA INTEGRITY Made Easi(er) For MiFID II and Beyond

Xoriant CDi's data-as-a-service solution enables financial institutions to trust the accuracy and completeness of their LEI data

Case Studies

Gold Copy Counterparty Database

We leverage our Data Quality Remediation solution to build Gold Copy database from authoritative source systems.