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A Turnkey Solution for All Your Financial Reporting and Publishing Needs
For most investment firms, the quarterly requirement to complete a questionnaire for every investment product and strategy is a considerable investment of time and effort, as is the process of contributing to research databases and compiling RFP responses. And the time and effort required is increasing, as the number of RFIs, DDQs and client reports that a firm must complete grows every year, as does the amount of data the investment manager or marketing department must wade through. And there’s risk involved, of course; the consequences of filing late or missing an RFP can be severe.

Simply put, the manual processes for financial reporting and publishing are increasingly costly.

The solution is automation of the data aggregation and publishing process. That’s where Xoriant CDi QuestionnaireHub (QHub) comes in. QHub is a centralized data hub and publishing engine that enables fund sponsors and investment management firms to more easily and effectively fulfill their reporting and publishing requirements.


  • Save time with streamlined reporting workflows
  • Improve data governance through a centrally housed data repository
  • More efficiently utilize resources through process automation
  • Deliver more accurate client and regulatory reports through data quality checks
  • Learn performance correlations through the central data hub and BI functionality
  • Keep data secure and centralized – we can host or you can host


  • Easy to use
    • Extensive library of questions
    • Easy data entry with copy forward and smart paste functions; documents auto-fill based on past responses
    • Intuitive, secure web-based access
  • Collaborative
    • Sponsors can review managers’ progress and manually send or automate reminders
    • Managers and sponsors can validate data based on pre-defined and configurable parameters
    • Sponsors can either review data online or generate documents
  • Scalable
    • Supports any document or web form, as well as for any program type SMA, Mutual Fund WRAP, UMA, RIA or regular reporting
    • Works directly with source data; third-party data feed and external data source integration available
    • Scalable for any publishing needs
    • One-click publish; browser plugin available for automated website publication
  • Full audit trail and document library


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