Managed Data Services

Managed Data Services

Whatever Your Size or Maturity Level, You Can Have an Effective Data Management & Governance Program
Leveraging data as a valuable corporate asset used to be the privilege of the elite few firms that were large enough to fund a Chief Data Officer and small army of data stewards. But managed data services makes tapping into the value of corporate data accessible to every financial firm.

So if you don’t have an internal data organization but are ready to create and implement an effective data governance & management program, Xoriant CDi can become your data team, delivering end-to-end services and solutions. From building a data governance framework to serving as your data stewards and executing on data quality and data remediation plans, Xoriant CDi can get you to the place where you’re not only complying with complex regulations but also maximizing the value of your enterprise data.

A managed data services engagement with Xoriant CDi encompasses both data governance and data management:

Data governance

  • Charter document & policy statement
  • Standards
  • Data Governance Council

Data management

  • Business and IT data stewardship
  • Data quality
  • Data remediation

Why Xoriant CDi

  • 15+ years of data management experience + big data & analytics + IT services & solutions
  • Production support to data management platform
  • Global delivery model (onshore and offshore, offsite or onsite)
  • Guaranteed daily throughput
  • 24x7 support
  • Quick turnaround
  • Corporate action updates
  • High level of data accuracy
  • Data quality metrics reporting

Interested? Contact us to talk about how Managed Data Services could help you build, implement, and run an effective data management & governance program