Data Management Services

Data Management Services

The Data Management Capabilities You Need to Meet Regulatory & Stakeholder Demands

“Many banks continue to struggle to meet the informational demands of regulators and other stakeholders. Building better data management capabilities is key to meeting these demands.”

– pwc

If you have an effective data governance framework in place but need expertise to implement and/or run a comprehensive data management program, Xoriant CDi delivers. Our data stewards can become your data management competence center or simply augment your internal team. Leverage our data quality services to vastly improve the quality of organizational information across your firm. And rely on our data remediation experts to find and address known and unknown issues.

Data Stewardship

Xoriant CDi’s data stewards can become your data management competence center or augment your internal team. These highly trained, highly experienced professionals incorporate your processes, policies and guidelines for administering underlying data sets in compliance with your policy and/or regulatory obligations such as CCAR, KYC and Solvency II.

Our data stewardship services encompass:

  • Sourcing key data elements to support Know Your Customer processes
  • Ongoing data quality remediation and enrichment for legal and non-legal entity reference data
  • Develop and manage Gold Copy database by reconciliation of data feeds from multiple source systems
  • Managing the security master and mapping to the counterparty/issuer database
  • Sourcing business data elements, many of which are difficult to source from standard providers

Why Xoriant CDi

  • Data management and governance capabilities are on par with the DCAM “optimized” maturity level
  • Expertise across different data domains and 3rd party data sources, including our own 2+ million entity database
  • Access to our regularly updated corporate action database
  • 24x7 access to support via phone and live chat
  • Active delivery management and feedback loop ensures that we meet our SLAs

Data Quality
In an environment in which data quality problems cost businesses nearly a trillion dollars a year, improving the quality of your data can significantly improve your bottom line. Xoriant CDi’s data quality services are designed do just that – to vastly improve the quality of organizational information across your firm.

Our data quality services encompass:

  • Definition of critical data elements (CDEs)
  • Development of key quality indicators (KQIs)
  • Establishment of an issue management and resolution process
  • Implementation of a data lineage “trace” program

Why Xoriant CDi

  • Subject matter expertise
  • Technology platform
  • Active delivery management and feedback loop

Data Remediation
Xoriant CDi’s data remediation services include project planning and execution. We augment your in-house staff with our highly experienced, cost-effective onshore and offshore resources.

Our data remediation services encompass:

  • Data acquisition
  • Data profiling, parsing and standardization
  • Data cleansing and enrichment
  • Resolving data conflicts and developing transformation rules
  • Designing and developing reporting farms, data marts, warehouses and operational data stores
  • Establishing data lineage
  • Developing dashboards showcasing data sourcing and quality metrics

Why Xoriant CDi

  • We have extensive experience with CCAR reporting schedules
  • We have extensive experience across vendor products including AFS, McCracken and DataScan, among others
  • We design and develop operational data stores using standard industry solutions such as Informatica and Ab Initio
  • Our deep experience means a low learning curve for our teams with your organization


Interested? Contact us to see how we can help you develop and execute the data management capabilities you need to meet regulatory and stakeholder demands