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CCAR Data Remediation Solutions

CreditDimensions data remediation services offer expertise in resolving data quality issues and we have developed dashboards that provide transparency across an organization and at a field by field level.

CreditDimensions data remediation services offers expertise in resolving data quality issues. Our team of data stewards can resolve various issues that affect data quality:

  • Sourcing Data from multiple systems
  • De-duplication of key data elements
  • Processing data
  • Mining data from historical reports
  • Resolving data conflicts

CreditDimensions CCAR data remediation process can provide solutions for:

  • Identifying exposures from legacy systems or documents
  • Reviewing, analyzing and processing the data elements for CCAR
  • Meeting CCAR submission requirements, we have documented the flow of data from the sources all the way to FR Y-14 templates and to data sets used to estimate models
  • Ensuring the accuracy of CCAR reporting through edit checks based on the Federal Reserve’s ever-changing guidelines

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